Details below cover what our services include.
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General service:

  • All serviced machines are stripped down and jet washed.
  • The fuel system is fully stripped and cleaned out.
  • The oil is fully drained and replaced with good quality manufacturer recommended oil.
  • The drive system is fully cleaned, lubricated and adjusted.
  • Blades are sharpened and balanced or replaced if needed.

Signs my lawnmower needs a service:

  • My mower takes more than two pulls to start
  • My lawnmower hunts and keeps cutting out
  • My mower is hard to start when hot
  • My mower is starting to leave the grass a horrible brown colour
  • My lawnmower leaves lot of grass on the lawn
  • My mower is smoking while it runs
  • My drive does not work anymore
  • My lawnmower will not start anymore

Why an annual lawnmower service is important:

  • A full service will extend a manufactures warranty
  • A full service will extend the life of a lawnmower
  • A full service will make sure the mower is ready to use when you need it. (Let’s be honest not many people really enjoy cutting the lawn so a poor running mower can be very frustrating)
  • Most mowers are air-cooled and in normal cutting conditions the cooling fins become clogged, causing a poor running machine.
  • A poorly maintained lawnmower produces much more pollution and uses far more fuel.